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jenniferjuniper [userpic]

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July 10th, 2007 (08:42 am)

I was just rereading my lovely Mexico adventures. I have been home for quite some time and a lot of my energy has been focused on how I can get back there.

I feel this call for adventure. I want something HUGE to happen and I am acknowledging my abiility to make it happen. So... I work a lot and save money. And soon an adventure will present itself. All signs seem to point in that direction.

Things that I must do before I leave:

sell CRV
garage sale where I will sell most of my stuff
study spanish more
look into teaching English in Mexico
save money money money

Maybe my adventure wont take me to Mexico. The universe is going to send me something wild and big and I am ready for the fun.

Life is good. I have another friend moving out of the country for Love. Tina is moving for her motito! I am so excited for her. It is perfect.

Work is good... Tomorrow is Matt's birthday.... I have been hanging with the Williams for the last few days... and it is good!

jenniferjuniper [userpic]

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April 7th, 2007 (08:57 pm)

I havent been really keeping up to date on my Mexico adventures. Luckily I have been taking pictures like a mad woman and will be able to go back and document later.

Today was boats at Zochimilco. Amazing beautiful.

I go home the day after tomorrow. I am ready and at the same time I have this picture in my head of being drug by my feet while my fingernails are scraping the ground trying to take hold.

This has been an amazing trip.

I have learned about me. I have learned about Mexico. I have learned about Jason. I did not learn so much about sunscreen... well maybe a little.

Tomorrow is Easter and I hope we can find some fabulous churchy sort of thing. Yesterday at the Basilica we watched a passion play where the crucifiction of Christ was re-enacted. When we were in Tasco there was a procession down the little cobble streets where 14 year old boys carried mannequins made to look in the likeness of 82 different virgins (mostly named Delores). We saw another procession yesterday so I imagine tomorrow we can find something.

Everything about this place is so different. I should have been making a list.

Must go... I have been feeling fine most of this trip... today I drank something from a woman on one of the boats... It was delish.. but now my tummy hurts.

Vive Mexico!

jenniferjuniper [userpic]

(no subject)

March 30th, 2007 (03:41 pm)

I took a turibus today... they are like those two story buses you see in London.. and apparently also Mexico City. Everything is so beautiful here. I love the buildings and the different colonias(neighborhoods) with their parks and trees and fountains.

I would like to go back to the Zocalo and there were a few museums that I would like to go back to. It was fun to sit on the top and get some sun and feel the wind. I went by myself but I was not really nervous at all. I am comfortable now walking around in Jason`s neighborhood and I know where things are and can get there by myself.

It was sunny and my arms got sun. I love that.

We went to the Zocalo for less than half an hour yesterday. We have to go back because we didn`t have the camera and the building where we wanted to see the Fresco`s by Diego was closed.

We also looked at another couple of apartments... walked everywhere.

Maximo picked us up and we went to Garibaldi square and saw the Mariache´s and drove through a SUPER scary neighborhood. Saw some prostitutes. Going rate is 200pesos for 2o minutes.

Then we went to a nightclub and watched Tina`s novio play in his band Moenia.. Apparently they are famous. It was great to see him again and to hang out backstage. I think we will go to dinner with him tonight.

I am serious about wanting to move here. I love it.

jenniferjuniper [userpic]

I apologize for the lack of a cut...

March 28th, 2007 (04:17 pm)

Hola from Mexico City.

I landed here last night. I have had this idea in my head that I cant do things by myself and I absolutely can. I am reforming that truth that I have about myself everyday. I was already working on it at home. On the plane I had this epiphany that I did this big thing all by myself. I may be meeting Jason, but I orchestrated this all on my own. And it almost made me cry. I have been scared to travel here... having to go through Customs alone... not being fluent in spanish.... etc. On the plane I just realized that I was doing this and it was okay to be a little scared. I realized that I shouldn`t not do things just because they are scary. If something scares me I think that is a reason for me to do it all the more. I want to change my life so that I do something scary everyday.

I arrived. Jason and I arranged to meet at Puerto Ocho. He said that people would approach me and offer me a taxi but that I should just say no and he would be there. I couldnt see him anywhere so I stood off to the side and was approached by this man who said in a very thick accent, "Give me all your money." I wasnt afraid of him because he was so smiley and there were tons of people around. So I just said, "No." And continued to look around to see if Jason was anywhere to be found. The man then began speaking in Spanish and I understood only two words: Jason and Amigo. Two seconds later Jason comes out from behind a wall laughing and laughing and laughing. The man who approached me is named Maximo and he is friends with Jason and they were playing a trick. I loved it. I think they loved that I wasnt afraid and just told him no.

I was glad to land. The flight from PDX to Houston was long.. almost four hours... Stranger than Fiction was the in flight movie and I watched it again. I love that movie. Houston to Mexico City was just fine though. Only two hours. I was nervous about customs, but it was so not a big deal that it seems silly now.

This city is amazing. Driving is crazy. Maximo drives a taxi and he took us to a taqueria on the way home. Lanes? What lanes? If people need to get over four lanes at the last minute not even a turn signal is needed. Jason lives in a bright yellow building with arches and a lovely courtyard with plants inside. On my bed there was a lovely journal bearing the face of Frieda Kahlo. In it he had written a welcome letter and he also marked pages with things he wanted me to write about regarding my Mexico experience. I guess I have homework. This morning we got up and walked down the street for desayuno(breakfast). I dont love spicy.. the eggs were too picante for me. But the pan(bread) was delicious and the fresh grapefruit juice and the papaya and canteloupe and pineapple. So delicious. The waittress(I should find out what they are called in espanol) brought cafe con leche. First came this tall drinking glass... like I would use for water at home and it was set on a plate with a spoon. Next she brought a metal pitcher that was obviously hot and filled my glass with cafe until I told her to stop. It was the darkest thickest coffee I have ever seen. I went to pick up the glass to inspect it as she walked away.. but Jason told me she wasnt finished. So she came back with another steaming pitcher this time filled with milk. She poured it from high enough that the milk foamed at the top of the glass. It was so delicious!

Jason had to work this morning so after breakfast... and a trip to the laundry(where they actually wash and fold your clothes for you) and to look at some apartments (fifth floor, three bedrooms, all windows overlooking a park... so gorgeous I was drooling and fantasizing about what I could do to move here) Jason went to work and I stayed in his apartment for the morning. I took a nap... read... listened to Moenia (Tina Motito`s mexican boyfriends band... he lives here in Mexico City and it seemed fitting) then I opened the windows that overlooked the courtyard and sat in the sunshine while listening to a mix of Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, and other hippy happy peaceful sunshine music. I drew a picture of myself. A self portrait. I had a crappy pen.. But if I leaned the paper just right on the window I could see my reflection in the window right over the paper. I havent really ever drawn. But why not, eh? I like to walk away from art I have done and then go back to look at itlater before I form an opinion... I look forward to looking at it when we return to the apartment. Silly.

Jason called me sometime in the middle of my creativity and told me where to meet him and one of his work collegues for lunch. So I have ventured out in the city all by myself. (Doing scary things is good. Especially when I only think they are scary and I then find out they are not!) I walked through a street market and broke the rules by taking a piece of cut melon from a man on the street. I love all the beautiful colors here. I met them in front of a flower stand and we walked to a place that I am not sure what to call it. They roasted meat... a mexican bbq maybe? We sat on the sidewalk where we could see everyone walking by and watch them cook in the kitchen... The kitchens are all open and I was fascinated watching the woman making tortillas. They were perfect. I dont love meat, so I only got pollo(chicken).. It was grilled and served with beans and cactus and these funny little french fries that were nothing like american fries. The salsas were good. I drank horchata... so so so yum. I have tried it at home and frankly at home it is crap. But here... I could drink it all day.

This city... that I have really seen so little of is beautiful. Old buildings... parks.. outside markets with tents and children and noise. I love the noise of this city. Honking.. dogs barking... This morning some man outside was playing some intstrument I couldn`t even recognize the sound of. Is there a mexican version of a diggeree doo?

And now we are here... Jason has a work conference and I am sitting in the library recapturing the last few hours. I cant believe I have not even been here 24 hours and I have fallen in love with this place.

I am sorry that I am not putting this under a cut. I was automatically linked to spanish livejournal and I am unsure how to navigate to the instructions on how to cut. It has been so long since I have written enough that I felt like I needed to!

There will be much more to come. I will be sure to capture every moment in my head so I can write it down here and have a decent account of this adventure.

Hasta luego!

jenniferjuniper [userpic]

(no subject)

January 2nd, 2007 (07:25 am)

This is gonna be my best year ever.

I am really excited about it actually.

New Years Resolutions:

Healthy will be more of a habit instead of struggling to eat better and exercise more. This year I will get to the point where it is just how I live my everyday life. I do have other specific goals... like fit into a certain size... but I think this wraps six goals into one... So there it is.

I will renew my passport and I will use it. Travelling is one of my big NYR. I have friends who live in lots of cool places I have never been and I would like to take advantage of that... Kentucky, San Diego, Mexico City, Texas. And soon I will have a friend in Chile. And I want to visit there for the big marriage festivities... 24hour parties. BUENO!

I will fix my car and then become less dependent on it.

Someone will permanently share my bed by 2008.

I am going to learn how to live for the moment and take full advantage of all that I have. I'M ALIVE!

The Black and White New Years party was fun. Everyone looked lovely and boys were in tuxes. Yay. I slept until noon yesterday and then felt completely hung over... despite the alcohol free events of the night before. I then proceeded to spend ten hours on Lizzy's couch. It was lovely. There was MUCH MUCH MUCH talk and outward introspection. It was good.

Jason is here... we will lunch on Wednesday. Adam gets here Thursday and there will be squaredancing at the Kennedy School for Al's birthday. I am so stinking excited. We have lots of fun plans for this weekend.


jenniferjuniper [userpic]

(no subject)

December 13th, 2006 (11:47 pm)

Hello world.

I am here... just starting another big span of days in a row. Ten to be exact. Today was day two.

I have learned a few things about caffiene. It comes in lots of flavors... but it is bad for my skin and makes it hard for me to keep my emotions evenly keeled. I will have to work on that.

Had good boy interactions today. Despite my large pimple to the side of my nose. I like the feel of knowing boys are attracted to me. But sometimes it does scare me and make me uncomfortable. Once last month one of my co-workers was hitting on me. It was icky and totally made me feel gross. Tonight there was a man who was visiting a friend and he was obviously interested. He asked for some coffee and I made someone come with me to deliver it into the room. After about 5 minutes one of his friends came out and handed me a business card and said he wanted me to have it. Um... eww. Flattering a little but ewwww.

Someone did buy me coffee today. And I got some lovely socks from Alison's work Brian. I also discovered who would be around next month and was happy with the selection.

Yay for late night sex and the city. And yay for red nail polish and baths that warm you up after walking partially home in the rain.

I also have lots of friend boy interactions coming in the future. Jason will be here for New Years and Adam is visiting shortly thereafter. Um FUN!

jenniferjuniper [userpic]

(no subject)

December 9th, 2006 (04:34 pm)

I am laying on the floor almost smelling sugar cookies... (I have a head cold.)... and listening to Christmas music. Baby it's cold outside.

My sisters just left. We had a spendy last night. It was fun. We watched Mandy Moore movies and went shopping this morning. No I am not fifteen, but that is just what we do when we are together.

I am supposed to meet up with my friend Elizabeth tonight. I am sick. But i have been such a flake lately that I must not flake this time. I will have to call her up soon. Maybe we could do something early and then I could get a good nights sleep.

I have spent a lot of time looking on Craigs list at apartments. Part of me just wants to find someone who wants to move in here. Perhaps into the smaller room. I dont know. I have time to figure it out I guess. Atleast a little time anyway.

jenniferjuniper [userpic]

(no subject)

December 7th, 2006 (11:49 pm)

I just spent over an hour looking on line for apartments. Much more fun when done driving around looking for availabilities.

I will have to do that soon.

Tried to go look at Peacock lane. The lights werent on. RUDE!

jenniferjuniper [userpic]

(no subject)

December 7th, 2006 (06:27 am)

The other day at work two of my co-workers said they had been discussing it and that they think I look like Callie Torrez from Gray's anatomy. Hello... in my dreams! But I love her. I think she also has the best hair ever. Yesterday I got my hair did and the color is called cherry cola. Lovely. Now I would say I have to look more like her.

Life is good. Full of exhaustion and fun flirtations. I have been working so very much.

Brian from White Salmon wants to hang out this weekend. I am not sure how I feel about that. Do I invite him to the potluck or do I find a seperate time... I dont know.

Anyway... It is off to work for me.

I am off for a few days after this. I can tackle the pile of laundry in my room. YAY!

jenniferjuniper [userpic]

(no subject)

November 21st, 2006 (07:30 am)
current mood: Off in la la land

I just had the dreamiest dream.

There is this male nurse at work who is super nice and super complimentary of me. Sometimes to the point that it gets uncomfortable. He is cute... and prob atleast ten years older than me.

Insert Dream: Last night I dreamt that I gave him a chance. He was so freaking cute. Turns out he has 5 kids who were all super adorable, but traumatized about their abandonment. Mom left with no warning and refused to be around. They loved me. I loved them. They were just DEAR! And he was so cute and so adorable and careful and kind with me. We had a good relationship and he would make comments about kissing the freckle near my lip.. (I don't have one in real life)

It was a sweet sweet dream. I think I will keep that in my head today. It was super warm fuzzy and dreamy and perhaps will protect me from the clouds and rain and wind.

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